Helpful information
What if my high school does not confirm the data on my studies?

If before September 1. if you do not receive a notice of studies at a higher school, contact the student self-governing body of your higher school. Contact details can be found at

I found an innacuracy regarding my name in the system (e.g. last name changed). How to update the data?

If you notice that incorrect data has been entered, you should contact your higher school’s student self-governing body or e-mail via

The data is updated in the student register of the Republic of Lithuania. After that, they are imported into the system.

What if I forgot my login details?

Use the login reminder feature found here.

What should I do if my system contains incorrect data (name, surname, faculty or study form)?

Contact your higher school’s student self-governing body or e-mail via immediately for help. When the administration of the higher school updates the data, it will be uploaded to the system, then you will be able to order your LSIC.

What to do if in the system before producing the LSIC you notice that the LSIC expiration date is incorrect?

There are cases when a higher education institution provides incorrect data on the duration of studies. If you notice any inaccuracies, contact your higher school’s student governing body immediately to have the information reviewed and corrected, as the LSIC will be made with the wrong expiration date. If the LSIC has already been produced with an incorrect expiration date, also contact the higher school’s student self-governing body to have the information corrected and the LSIC reproduced. If an error is noticed during the withdrawal, the inaccuracy must be reported and the certificate must not be accepted. Only order the LSIC when you are sure that the data is accurate.


Ordering a new LSIC

To order a Lithuanian student card, the following steps are performed:

  • Registration in the LSIC system ( and ordering a new LSIC;
  • Choose an address and wait for a courier’s call about LSIC delivery time.

The status of the produced LSIC can be monitored on the website by logging in to your account.

LSIC prices in different study degrees:

In the first degree studies - 16 EUR;

In second degree studies - 8 EUR;

In integrated studies - 20 EUR;

In third degree studies - 16 EUR;

Residency studies - 20 EUR;

In non-degree studies - 6 EUR;

For the arriving students of partial studies - 6 EUR.

When the LSIC in the same studies is reissued (replaced by a new one) - 6 EUR.

We remind you that the LSIC is issued for the entire study period.

How long does it take to produce an LSIC?

LSIC is produced within 1-2 weeks from the submission of the order and confirmation of the photo's suitability for LSIC production.


What if the manufacturer rejected a photo I uploaded for LSIC production?

The photo you uploaded did not meet  the requirements for an LSIC photo. Please read the requirements carefully and upload a new photo. After uploading a new photo, you will need to re-submit your LSIC order. The money paid for the certificate remains. The requirements for an LSIC photo.

How do I know if an LSIC has already been produced?

Once the LSIC is ready, you will receive a notification via the email address provided during registration. You can also log into the system and see the status of your LSIC.

Why has my LSIC been produced for so long?

In autumn, LSIC production may take longer than expected.

If the production of LSIC took longer than 14 days, contact

LSIC loss
What to do if you lost the LSIC?

If you lose your LSIC and want to order a new one, follow these steps:

  • A new certificate is ordered in the LSIC system (;
  • When ordering, it is chosen that the old LSIC is lost.

If you lose your LSIC and do not want to order a new certificate, follow these steps:


Payment code: 103087

Recipient code: 190739547

Recipient: Lithuanian Students' Union

Accepting institutions: AB Swedbank LT487300010136548129

Purpose of payment: For non-refundable LSIC

Contribution amount: EUR 37.65

The completed notification and payment receipt are sent to the student Self-Governing body or by sending an email via


What to do if the LSIC is stolen?

If the LSIC has been stolen, follow these steps:

·         Fill in the notification form, which can be found in the section "Sample documents";

·         An extract from the stolen LSIC is taken from the police station;

·         The completed report and the police statement are sent to the student self-governing body or by e-mail via;

·         A new certificate is ordered (in the LSIC system) (without confirming the police certificate, a new LSIC will not be issued).

The returning of LSIC
Students will be able to keep their LSIC if after the completion / termination of studies, the validity of their certificate has expired or there are less than 3 weeks left until its expiry (except for VU students)
If a student completes / terminates their studies and the LSIC expires after more than 3 weeks, the student MUST take the LSIC to the student self-governing body. A hole will be punched in the certificate and it will be returned to the student.
Upon completion / termination of studies, the certificate becomes inactive and the former student can no longer use the LSIC. People are penalized for illegal use of LSIC (LSIC user is no longer a student).
LSIC partnership program
I have a part-time student card. Can I participate in the partnership program?

Yes you can, unless stated that only full-time students can use a certain discount. However if there is no restrictions specified feel free to use all available discounts. All LSIC cards are of equal status.

I presented my valid LSIC, however I did not receive a discount. What should I do?

You should write an e-mail to We will try to solve the problem as soon as possible.