LSIC system user Terms & Conditions
1. The following terms and conditions (Terms & Conditions hereafter) apply to webpage administrator – Lithuanian National Union of Students (hereafter LSS) and website users and determine main rights, obligations and responsibilities. These Terms & Conditions are obligatory to all users.

2. The web page is Lithuanian Student identity card (hereafter LSIC) administration system. This system processes LSIC users’ records that are necessary for organizing the making and issuing of the LSIC.

3. LSIC is an identification document that specifies study form and grants certain rights.

4. Students submit their personal information voluntary and agree that these records will be kept in database until the partnership between student and LSIC program is discontinued.

5. All personal records submitted during the registration process are necessary for the LSIC making. These records will be handed over to the third parties only for the LSIC administration. Administrator organizes these records according to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. Person’s contact details can be handed over only if they agreed by ticking the box: ‘I agree’ or ‘I disagree’ in user area.

6. A person who do not agree with all presented Terms, cannot become a member of the system or to use any services provided on this website.

7. Only registered users who have provided correct personal information have a right to access services that are offered on the website.

8. LSIC order. Student can order a new LSIC by filling the registration form on webpage. Order is confirmed once the registration form is printed.

9. LSIC is made in 14 work days after order confirmation. LSIC is delivered to a chosen bank branch. In order to receive the card student has to pay the set amount and to sign the card issue form. The card has to be collected personally or by legally Authorized Person. Student has to present a valid prove of identity and to sing in the LSIC issue register, any card damages should be pointed out at once at the bank branch. If student fails to inform about card damage at once, they will have to pay the full amount for the card remaking.

10. Student has to return LSIC to higher education institution’s LSIC coordinator and order a new one if the records about personal information and study form have changed. LSIC replacement is considered as a new card order and costs the same amount of money.

11. LSIC extension. Student can order a card extension by filling in the registration form provided on webpage. LSIC card is renewed at a chosen bank branch by attaching a new hologram on the card. LSIC is renewed once student pays the fixed amount of money.

12. LSIC use. LSP card grants a right to use services offered by LSIC card if LSIC card is valid, not damaged in any case described below in 13th paragraph, not spoiled or forged.

13. LSIC owner has to keep the card from:

13.1. Excessive heat and direct sunlight as well as other strong ultraviolet and thermal radiation sources. Possible x-ray radiation is 0.1 Gy and cannot exceed from 70 to 140kv per year in total. LSIC cannot be x-rayed neither with medical x-ray machines or x-ray machines used at the airports.

13.2. Static electricity. LSIC can resist up to 1500 V, 100pf when resistance 1500 Ohm.

13.3. Sharp objects or objects that can mechanically damage card’s surface. LSIC should be kept away from hard surfaces which surface height difference is more than 0.1mm. LSIC’s surface is resistant to the impact caused by a 1.5mm diameter head if used force is lesser than 1.5 N.

13.4. Strong electromagnetic fields (mobile phones, television equipment, personal computers, microwaves etc.) Resistance between any two spots in the LSIC should be less than 0.5 Ohm, when current strength is between 50mkA and 300 mA.

13.5. Aggressive effects of chemical substances environment.

13.6. LSIC is resistant to the static magnetic field up to 79500 A/m. LSP card should be kept away from any magnets and electromagnets (telephones, music players, TVs, microwaves etc.) Under no circumstances should LSIC be put near new till equipment, where magnets are commonly used. If LSIC demagnetizes often, magnetic field in the living and working areas should be measured.

13.7. LSIC should not be situated under -30 degrees Celsius or above + 50 degrees Celsius. Optimum temperature mode should be between + 10 and + 40 degrees Celsius.

LSIC should be kept in special case or in the bank card section in the wallet apart from mobile telephone, keys, lighters etc.

13.8. LSIC can be cleaned with a damp cloth, however no diluents, solvents or acids can be used.

13.9. Maximum card flexion:

13.9.1. The long side of the LSIC:

- distortion (f) – up to 2 cm

- periodicity – up to 30 flexions per minute

13.9.2. The short side of the LSIC:

- distortion (f) – up to 1 cm

- periodicity – up to 30 flexions per minute.

Note: After 1000 card flexions the card is without any cracks or damages and functions likewise.

14. LSIC replacement. LSIC can be replaced by filling in the registration form provided on webpage. Order is confirmed once the registration form is printed out. Student has to return old LSIC to their higher education institution’s student representative organization or to other LSS designated place before collecting a new LSIC. 15. Registration of the lost LSIC. If student has lost LSIC they have to: a) publish an official report using personal funds about LSIC loss and declare its expiration (card number should appear on this report); b) pay fine, which amount is set by LSS and coordinated with the Ministry of Education and Science.

16. Student has to attach an officially printed report to the provided lost LSIC form and contact higher education institution’s student representative organization (in absence of such organization, student should contact institution’s administration office) and provide these documents:

a) lost LSIC form; b) Report about LSIC loss printed in press; c) Fine payment slip.

17. If LSIC was stolen and student can provide an official document from the Police department, a card loss fine does not apply and student does not have to publish information about card loss in press.

18. All lost and stolen LSIC are replaced by new LSIC. Student has to pay the same amount of money as for a new LSIC order.

19. LSIC return. Student has to return LSIC to their higher education institution’s student representative organization or administration office if LSIC has expired and not renewed, student has finished/discontinued their studies, their records have changed, LSIC is spoiled or damaged. Student has to sign a LSIC return form when returning the card.

20. A person has a right to use all the services provided by LSIC. All services are provided to students who present a valid LSIC. Administrator has a right to grant optional services to LSIC owners. All optional services can be found on website. A person can choose whether to receive information about optional services by ticking ‘I agree’ or ‘I disagree’ box in personal user area.

21. Administrator has a right to perform site maintenance during which website can be temporarily inaccessible. Administrator is not responsible for any website errors and/or any losses to the system users or third party members if these errors occurred due to technical problems or other unexpected errors that disturbed services on website.

22. Intellectual property. All intellectual rights regarding text and graphic information as well as software belong to the Administrator. Administrator has a right to change all contents and design on website without notice. Use and distribute all text and graphic information found on to other internet websites or any other kinds of media without Administrator’s written permission is strictly forbidden.

23. Disclaimer. Administrator is not responsible for any negative effects that occur due to incorrect personal information provided. Administrator has no right to refuse any services provided on without written explanation and valid reasons.

24. A person is fully responsible for any consequences that occur while using services provided on system.

25. Administrator is not responsible for any information found on the website links that are suggested on website.

26. Terms & Conditions change. Administrator has a right to amend or fully change Terms & Conditions without notice.

27. Dispute resolution. LSIC activities are governed by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. All disputes about LSIC or activities should be solved during negotiations or by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.