1.     CONCEPT

  1. Courier – LSIC delivery organizers designated person, who deliver Lithuanian Student Identity card to the LSIC receiver or chosen delivery location;
  2. Lithuanian Student Identity card (hereafter – LSIC) – is an identification document that specifies study form, students identification, the higher education institution and grants certain rights;
  3. LSIC provider – Lithuanian National Union of Students (hereafter – LSS);
  4. LSIC receiver – a person who is or is planning to be a student in a Lithuanian higher education institution, which will be receiving an LSIC;
  5. LSIC user – a Lithuanian higher education institution student, who received a LSIC.
  6. Student – a person, who is studying in a Lithuanian higher education institution in a specific study program or doctorate studies;
  7. www.lsp.lt – LSIC webpage, in which the LSIC order form is being filled, shows discounts and other relevant information for any LSIC user as well as any other actions regarding the LSIC.


2.     SUBJECT

  1. The Agreement defines the terms and conditions of LSIC issuance organized by the LSIC provider, the rights and obligations of the Parties to the LSIC recipient in order to purchase the LSIC, and the LSIC provider when issuing it and ensuring delivery or distribution of the LSIC.



  1. LSIC user commit:

1.     To accurately fill out the information of LSIC providers approved form. LSIC receiver is responsible for providing real personal data to the LSIC provider through the administered system (webpage: www.lsp.lt) and agrees with the transfer of this data to third parties, as long as it is part of a fluent LSIC delivery, replacing and other LSIC regarded administration functions;

2.     During LSIC ordering the user has to provide a personal picture, which would be in line with Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania 2006, August 24th order Nr. 1V-340 “Regarding the Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania 2002 December 6th order Nr. 569 “Regarding pictures for identification documents requirements” change” described picture requirements. LSIC will not be provided while the LSIC receiver will not provide a picture, which would be in line with the provided requirements;

3.     During LSIC ordering the user has to provide a valid quality picture of a personal identification document. If the LSIC receiver refuses to provide a picture of the identification document or provides non qualitive picture, the LSIC provider may not give out the LSIC before a quality picture of a valid identification document will be provided;

4.     During LSIC ordering the user has to pay a fee which is decided by the Minister of Education, Science and Sport of the Republic of Lithuania. The fee covers the cost of the making of the LSIC, administrative fees, LSIC usage fee, LSIC delivery to pick-up site;

5.     During LSIC ordering the user can choose other proposed LSIC delivery methods, which can be charged additionally;

6.     During a late (other) delivery the user has to be ready to cover the extra fees provided by the courier, which happen because the LSIC receiver didn’t pick up the LSIC in time, provided incorrect delivery information or other related issues to LSIC receiver. If the additional fees happen because of the reasons provided in this section, the LSIC receiver will not get his LSIC before he covers the additional fees;

7.     In order to determine the identity of the recipient of the LSIC, at the time of collection or delivery of the LSIC, LSIC recipient undertakes to provide the code sent by the contacts specified by the LSIC recipient and/or to provide a valid document confirming personal identity and/or to sign in the specified manner, thus proving, that the LSIC has been received, is valid and in good condition. The courier may refuse to provide the LSIC if the LSIC receiver during the delivery doesn’t provide a valid personal identification document. If a situation arises described in this chapter, the LSIC receiver is inclined to cover the additional fees for the LSIC delivery as provided in this Agreement 3.1.5. clause;

8.     To rightfully and honestly use only a valid LSIC;

9.     To protect the LSIC from high temperatures, electromagnetic fields, mechanical and any other action;

10.  If case of LSIC loss or failure to comply with 3.1.8. clause, which made the LSIC unusable, when ordering a new LSIC, pay the fee of the LSIC according to the established LSIC fees;

11.  If the LSIC receiver terminates the study contract earlier than the foreseen end of studies or the LSIC user one sided terminates this Agreement, in 14 days he has to return his LSIC to the higher education institutions student council or the institution itself, or LSIC provider (LSIC). The price paid for the LSIC is not refunded if the studies end earlier or are terminated;

12.  The LSIC receiver who doesn’t settle the debts for the LSIC as stated in 3.1.11. clause has to pay a 100 EUR fine to the LSIC provider for not complying with the terms and conditions;

13.  Immediately inform the LSIC provider if the information, provided during the order of an LSIC, changes and provide renewed information.

  1. The LSIC receiver has the right to:

1.     Use all of the LSIC receiver discounts and receive information about other discounts provided for Students;

2.     Provided feedback regarding the LSIC distribution, administration and delivery quality enhancement as well as discount expansions;

3.     Terminate this LSIC Agreement under the conditions set by the LSIC provider.

  1. LSIC provider commits:

1.     To provide, issue and organise delivery of the LSIC to LSIC receiver who filled out the order form correctly and paid the required fees;

2.     To inform the LSIC users about the delivery of LSIC, return conditions, also inform about the discounts provided for Students;

3.     To improve the LSIC system and expand the discounts for LSIC users.

  1. The LSIC provider has the right to:

1.     Not issue an LSIC if the LSIC receiver doesn’t comply with the Terms and Conditions;

2.     To not give back the paid fees if the LSIC receiver terminates the Agreement and/or doesn’t comply with the Terms and Conditions.


  1. The rights and obligations of the Parties established in the Agreement come into force from the date of signing the Agreement and are valid until both parties fully fulfill their obligations.
  2. The Party that has not fulfilled the terms of the Agreement or fulfilled them improperly shall compensate the losses suffered by the other Party.
  3. When concluding the Agreement, the LSIC recipient agrees that the LSIC delivery package (inside it and/or on the outside of the package) may contain one-time, non-personalized advertising information related to discounts or benefits provided to the student or useful information.
  4. The LSP recipient agrees that his personal data will be transferred to third parties, in order for the LSIC provider to fulfill the obligations assumed by this Agreement, such as delivery of the LSIC to post machines, delivery by courier and distribution (issuance) of the LSIC at pick-up sites.
  5. The LSIC provider and the LSIC recipient agree to respect each other's interests, resolve all disputes arising between them in good faith, properly, honestly, economically and cooperatively fulfill the obligations stipulated in the Agreement. All disagreements arising between the Parties shall be resolved through direct negotiations. In case of failure to reach an agreement, disputes are resolved in accordance with the procedure established by the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.
  6. With this Agreement, the LSIC provider does not undertake to be liable to the LSIC recipient due to the non-functioning of functions installed in the LSIC by third parties, or the LSIC recipient is responsible for the non-functioning of these functions due to a damaged LSIC.
  7. The Agreement is concluded electronically in the www.lsp.lt system when ordering the LSIC by filling out the LSIC order form. The Parties agree that the Agreement concluded in this form is valid and has the force of law for the Parties to the Agreement.